NYT’s “The Medium:” Blogosphere Lessons Learned from the ScienceBlogs Dust-Up

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The sterile gloves are coming off at ScienceBlogs and NYT’s The Medium

Over at the which may be passionate but offers the nutrition of well-harvested information served up fusion-style amidst the mashup that is the web.  Making such choices to write with accountability and to read with a sense of responsibility would form a compact between author and reader, providing a strong “formula” upon which to base our mutually constructed and shared social state. And to do that, weirdly or nauseatingly or deliciously, requires faith. Faith that we together will summon our best selves, both in mind and heart (but not one without the other), to do what is decent as we fulfill the requirements of the human condition, as it were chopping the wood and carrying the buckets of water.  Daily.

Again, it’s refreshing and grounding that included in this Medium post are recommendations of sound science writing found at scientificamerican.com and discovermagazine.com. We would add sciencedaily.com to that list. Trending there right now are tantalizing entries like Silicon Can Be Made to Melt in Reverse, or Pathological Internet Use Among Teens May Lead to Depression and New Carbon Dioxide Emissions Model.

Which brings us to note that Virginia also advocates you visit former TV meteorologist and blogger Anthony Watts‘ punily titular site Watts Up With That.  While we don’t disagree with this guidance, we suggest you proceed with minor caution.  We’ve covered Watt and his site before finding that his posts may at times glibly misrepresent data or lob ad hominem attacks supported in facts but which lead to illogical conclusions.  In other words, a wee bit of the very sloppiness The Medium this week soundly identifies with the blogging on ScienceBlogs. What’s unarguably great about Watt are his dedication and passion leading him to be quite the green talk-walker in his personal life and home as well as his community.

The Medium: Unnatural Science

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