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Recycle a bicycle not-for-profit organization. Logo bike rider profile icon cycle in garbage trash can circular arrows hand holds wrench drawing illustration imageRecycle-a-Bicycle Closing the Circle with Training and Retail Shops

Although these days you can get any variety of high-tech bikes from titanium or bamboo-framed to electric, for the most part bike technology hasn’t really changed since the predecessor of the modern bicycle, the “safety bicycle,” was developed in 1885. Which means that unlike say your inkjet printer or handheld gadget going obsolete every 12 months, you can easily repair and refurbish bicycles and bike parts. So if you’re in the market to get yourself or your kid a “new” bike, Recycle-a-Bicycle is a great resource that let’s you not only conserve but also to share while you shop.

Recycle-A-Bicycle accepts donations of bikes in almost any condition (must be free of major rust or structural damage), both new and used, and then will fully recondition the bike for purchase from its retail stores. Or, if you feel the probable emissions used to ship your bike are justified by how much less driving you’re going to do, RAB will send it to you anywhere in the U.S. What’s really great is that RAB also provides not only an opportunity for young people to learn about bicycling inside out, but the chance to earn a ride of their very own. By operating programs in three New York City Public Schools, RAB let’s students enroll in a bicycle mechanics elective course or to drop in after school to volunteer and earn a bike with volunteer hours.

Recycle-a-Bicycle Statistics & Summary

Recycle-A-Bicycle is a community-based bike shop and non-profit organization that provides educational/job training programs and encourages environmental stewardship and everyday bicycle use. Through programs such as Earn-A-Bike, Ride Club, Cycle Craft, and Summer Youth Employment Program, RAB is dedicated to the health and well-being of NYC youth. In 2009 alone, RAB worked with more than 1,000 young people and collectively pedaled more than 10,000 miles. On average, RAB salvages 1,200 bicycles each year from the waste stream, diverting a total of 36,000 pounds of waste from NYC’s landfills.

FAST INFO on Recycle-A-Bike:

They don’t take trade-ins.

You can get spare parts.

You can donate money instead of a bike.
What will happen to the Lonely Bicycle left to rust and rot on the street or in some forsaken garage? How does the nifty NYC not-for-profit Recycle-A-Bicycle work its magic? Can they rebuild that bike, better, stronger, faster like Steve Austin the so-called Bionic Man? Watch and how Recycle-A-Bicycle works its magic! >>



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