Con Edison Letter Warns Customers of Winter Electricity Rate Hike

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I received this letter from Consolidated Edison Company of NYC informing me that as of April 2013, my winter electricity rate will no longer decrease as the amount of electricity my family uses increases. Meaning, the rate per kilowatt-hour will be flat with no discount for a household using electricity for winter heating. Con Ed says this policy change “is designed to encourage energy conservation,” so while the profit motive is clearly part of the corporate equation here, we say that’s just fine as this is how the real free-market is supposed to work.

Indeed, our being put on notice in this way will up our efforts to get that home greening done that we’ve been intending to invest in for some time now. Our plans include switching to LED lightbulbs, installing a hybrid water heater as well as a split-system central heating and air-conditioning system. More on that soon, here’s the kick-in-the-pants in its entirety:

As part of the new three-year plan for electricity service, Con Edison will phase out electric delivery rates for heating customers who now have a rate that decreases as the amount of electricity used increases. This change is designed to encourage energy conservation. You are one of the customers affected by the change.

Under your current electric rate, which is Service Classification No. 7 and designated on your bill as EL7, when your winter electricity usage exceeds a stated level, you pay a lower rate for the additional kilowatt-hours of electricity used. Over the next four years, this lower rate will be phased out. By April 2013, you will move to Service Classification No. 1, designated on the bill as EL1, and will be charged te same rate fro delivery of electricity as all other EL1 customers.

Con Edison is committed to helping customers conserve energy and lower energy bills. We offer rebates and incentives for customers who upgrade to more efficient heating, cooling, and lighting. To learn more about our energy-efficiency programs, visit Our Power of Green Web site ( offers 100+ energy-saving ideas. By encouraging our customers to save energy and money, we are helping New York State reach its goal of cutting electric use 15 percent by 2015.

Richard G. McKnight
General Manager, Customer Assistance


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