Cape Wind Gets Green Light from Government; To Be First Offshore Wind Farm in United States

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Through lampooning from Jason Jones on The Daily Show, becoming the subject of a book exposé and after nine years of federal regulatory review, the government green light shines today on the nation’s first offshore wind farm the hotly contested Cape Wind project. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced the approved permit for Cape Wind Associates to build the 130-turbine farm in Nantucket Sound.

Cape Wind says it can generate power by 2012 and aims to eventually support of wind and the Obama Administration’s Interior Department announced new offshore renewable energy regulations setting the stage for today’s Cape Wind permit approval. That the framework for how leases will be issued and revenue shared has nearby coastal states receiving 27.5 percent of the royalties generated from electricity production. But for all the up-to-the-minute controversy roiling the Massachusetts coastal waters, read more via the links below.

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