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Brighter Planet is an independent company out of Vermont that provides innovative products and services to help build a clean energy future.  Borne out of a Middlebury College classroom, half of the company’s team cut their teeth as environmental student leaders in college.  Brighter Planet is dedicated to helping consumers take charge in the fight against global warming. With a majority of Americans wanting to do something for the environment, their products are an effective way for individuals and businesses to reduce their impact on the climate.

Brighter Planet works with experts in the environmental movement and partners like Bank of America and NativeEnergy to create practical solutions to climate change. By using Brighter Planet’s products, members support a diverse array of renewable energy projects that satisfy a rigorous carbon offset policy and have gained the approval of its Project Selection Committee.  Noted author, environmentalist and activist Bill McKibben sits on Brighter Planet’s board of advisers.

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Brighter Planet has created a proprietary technology platform that empowers consumers to make a difference on a daily basis. Using Brighter Planet’s website tools, cardholders can calculate their carbon footprint, learn ways to reduce their environmental impact, track their rewards and progress towards carbon neutrality, monitor renewable energy projects, and see the positive impact they are making.

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